The fabled Necronomicon, a mysterious book only glimpsed in the
darkest of legends...untill now. I've gathered together all three
volumes of the original book! Wrapped in blackened human skin
(or black leather or hideously overdone bisquits or something)
and filled with pages made of human skin (or ancient parchment
or tea-stained handkerchiefs or something) inked in human blood
(or strawberry jam). These 6-page notebooks are very quick and
easy to make, and are great for phone numbers, grocery lists,
party invitations, important notes and observations, drawing and
sketching, thoughts about that horrible dream last night where the
nine-headed badger broke through the wall of frozen waffles and...
well, you get the idea.

NOTEBOOK 1 (with full-page illustrations)
NOTEBOOK 2 (with quarter-page illustrations)
NOTEBOOK 3 (without illustrations)

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