by Ray O'Bannon

This job's real easy
you just stay in this shack
and you watch those gauges
and write it down if they spike

that tune on the radio? that's the Chiffons
probably they'll play the Kingsmen next
or maybe some Roy Orbison

see, that old Philco radio
it's been in here since way back
used to belong to old Ebner
no point fiddlin' with the knobs
it only plays things from the 60's
it ain't so bad once you get used to it
and that little light behind the dial there
that light gets kind of comforting sometimes
when it's really cold outside

'course I've tried changin' stations
but it just gets that one
playin' shows from 1963

bangin' on it won't help
or twistin' the knobs
and I lost the power cord last summer
but it don't seem to matter none

see, they say this shack's haunted
by old Ebner's ghost
and I don't know 'bout any of that
but old Ebner used to really like that radio station

had it playin when he died
sittin' right there
where you're sittin' now
but don't you worry, this job's real easy
you just watch those gauges
and listen to the radio

that's the Chiffons
they'll probably play some Kingsmen next
or maybe Roy Orbison