This Mysterious Fortune-Telling Pendulum is ready to answer any questions
you might wish to ask. The unblinking eye will spin above the center of the answer
disc for a little while, slow until it's nearly motionless...and then mysteriously begin
to swing either in a circle or a straight line. The direction of either motion will reveal
the answer to your question, as the eye swings above the eerie finger-bones on the
answer disc. This might be the spookiest thing I've ever created! It's quick and easy
to build and it WILL actually swing to give you a responce to your questions. You'll
need to supply a quarter and about a foot of string. The mysterious eye, answer disc,
assembly instructions, and instructions for use are all included in the document below.
Print it out and you're on your way to a VERY interesting experience!


NOTE: This pendulum makes use of mysterious energies and
gravitational aspects that are not fully understood at this time.
Therefore, this pendulum should always be used in a mature manner,
and should NEVER under ANY circumstances be used in a cemetery
unless you think it might be kinda fun to do so, in which case I'll be
anxious to hear how it goes...

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