The Ghost Plane

At the height of WW1, Lieutenant Floyd Farmerson joined Britain's Royal Flying Corps with hopes of serving as a fighter pilot. Unfotunately, although he qualified as a pilot after training, he was assigned to a clerical position and spent most of his tour of duty behind a desk. Three weeks before he was scheduled to be discharged from military service, a superior officer decided to 'take mercy' on him and had him reassigned to a fighter squadron. By this time, Floyd was very much looking forward to returning home to marry his fiance. But being a patriotic fellow, he bravely joined his squadron and prepared for his first and only mission.

The mission was a reconnaissance flight over mountainous territory, and there was heavy fog. Floyd soon found himself lost and unable to find his squadron. As night approached, he heard another plane approaching and turned to see the dreaded Crimson Monarch following close behind.

As machine gun fire began tearing his aircraft apart, Lieutenant Farmerson did his best to fight back. Although tempted to turn away and try to escape, he felt that no one could be safe until this dreaded foe was defeated. Unfortunately, his engine was soon hit and damaged, leaving him no choice but to head for flatter ground where he might land. The Crimson Monarch followed as Floyd raced for the foothills, continuing to fire as they approached the farmlands.

Villagers report hearing the two fighter planes approaching in the darkness. They saw fire erupting from the lead plane and heard the machine gun fire of the second aircraft. They then saw the first airplane spiral down to crash violently just behind a hillside, the resulting explosion and fire casting a flickering orange glow against the low-lying clouds.

A small search party immediately set out to see if anyone had survived the wreck. As they approached the hillside, they heard the sound of an airplane engine. By now the site of the wreck was engulfed in thick black smoke, and from out of that smoke came the form of a British fighter plane, glowing an unearthly greenish color as it took flight and roared off into the darkness.

When the fire finally died down, no trace of a crashed aircraft could be found. Floyd Farmerson was never seen or heard from again.

All this took place back in 1918. But some say Lieutenant Floyd Farmerson is still up there somewhere. And if you listen late at night, when everything's quiet, you just might hear him out there in the night, hoping to find and destroy his enemy so he can finally go home.