Are you bothered by ghosts or phantoms? Is there a monster in your closet or
under your bed? Are you kept awake by the sounds of goblins sneaking
around in your room at night? DON'T WORRY! We have the answer...

You'll need a medium sized flashlight, preferably the type that uses two D cell
batterys. Attach a Genuine Authentic GHOST LIGHT Cone (in your choice of color)
to the flashlight and it becomes a fully operational GHOST LIGHT! Just turn on
the light at night and it will protect you from ANY AND ALL GHOSTS!
So you can sleep, and dream good happy stuff.
(Card stock isn't needed for these, plain paper works great!)

Genuine Authentic GHOST LIGHT - Green
Genuine Authentic GHOST LIGHT - Orange
Genuine Authentic GHOST LIGHT - Purple

DIRECTIONS: Point the GHOST LIGHT directly at the ghost
and recite the following rhyme (you can speak loudly or whisper)...

"Ghosties red, ghosties blue, better scram cuz I see YOU!"

This will drive away the ghost and will keep it away for at least
five or six centuries (and that's a VERY long time).

The GHOST LIGHT will not only chase away ghosts,
but will also work on any of the following creatures:
goblins, banshees, sprites, wraiths,
apparitions, gremlins, poltergeists, orbs,
phantoms, spectres, bogeymen, gnomes,
spirits, ectoplasmic anomolies, and trolls.

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