NO USE CRYING - by Ray O'Bannon

so cool on the outside, watch the sun go down

thought you had it all behind you
thought you'd made it, safe at last
but the shadow's falling even as we speak
no time left for indecision
choose your weapon, stand your ground
darkness only feeds upon the weak

screaming inside, best revenge is to watch 'em dying
spitting in the devil's eye, there's no use crying

living nightmares, no light to guide you
shreeking madness, no happy endings
time we found out who's got the sharpest teeth
face the darkness, seek out the monster
hiding there in robes of virtue
tear the mask off, strike down what lies beneath


say your last prayer as the fear begins to chill you
don't be frightened.,worste that they can do is kill you

speeding towards your dark conclusion
all you trust a mere illusion
dig your grave in cold and stoney ground
then drag them out into the daylight
writhing, screaming, turn to dust
along with those who thought to tear you down