she wakes at night to velvet whispers, scent of lilac fills the air
he walks the night in deepest shadow calling to his maiden fair
he reaches out for her to join him, dance across this moonlit land
she floats towards the open window, reaching out to take his hand

stay away from raven's bridge, no matter how the yearning
something strange 'bout raven's bridge, they say there's no returning
shadows in the moonlight never miss the light of day
shadows in the moonlight, laughing softly in the breeze
magic are such nights as these, as moonlight shadows dance the night away
shadows in the moonlight, shadows in the moonlight

everyone says fear the darkness, dread the man who shuns the day
but she knows he could never harm her, come the darkness slips away
she races 'cross the scarlet pathway, quickly, softly, leaves no trace
and meets him there at ravensbridge, so safe within his dark embrace


no-one ever really knew just where she went that fatefull night
but she was never seen again, except in ghostly candlelight
they say two spirits sing and dance when lilac blooms in early may
they race at last to ravensbridge and there they slowly melt away

shadows in the moonlight, shadows in the moonlight