beneath an ancient crumbling headstone
within it's cold forgotten tomb
the thirsty vampire wakes and rising up it calls your name
just one more fiend you'll have to deal with

monster killer, walkin' dead man
dark intentions, bitter wine
every second brings you closer to midnight

within that dark and silent forest
among the bones of hunters brave
a werewolf sniffs the air to catch your scent that it might find you
as you load those silver bullets


how many times has it crossed your mind
that each dark night could be your last?
have you ever tried to lay your weapons down?
and when you strike do you feel no mercy,
see none of yourself within their eyes?
do you only live to hear them screaming?


beneath this cold unearthly moonlight
the zombies rise from sunken graves
stand there waiting, chainsaw ready
deadly smile upon your face
you kinda like this, don't you?


closer to midnight
closer to midnight
closer to midnight...