STRANGE DAYS - by Ray O'Bannon

I'm walking over to franky's diner
when out jumps this werewolf and I can tell he's hungry
so naturally I choose the only feasable option
I take him with me over to franky's diner

we're just about to step inside
and I can't hep notice this sign out front
says the werewolf has to wear socks and shoes
so me and the werewolf, we're having a sandwich
when in walks dracula and I was afraid that would happen
see drac and the werewolf they don't get along well
but drac just smiles and waves, now that's odd

so we have him join us and we all three wonder
bout the chef in back, so deathly pale
just like a zombie, wouldn't that be funny?
and I can't help thinking...strange days

so me and the werewolf and drac and the zombie
we all decide to catch a scary movie
midnight special, drac buys the popcorn
buys the candy too, now that's odd

and drac finds it most ironic
how the werewolf shakes when the film gets frightening
the zombie just sits there smiling
and I can't help thinking...strange days
I can't help thinking...strange days

strange days
strange days
strange days...