CALL IT A MONSTER - by Ray O'Bannon

just walking home, minding my own business
fading sunset, shadows rising
and I could swear there's something watching me

just got a creepy feeling, apprehension
tingling up and down my spine
gonna be one risky night, that's plain to see

cause round about midnight, that's when the creature comes
looking to find me once again
don't even know what it is
guess you could call it a monster
call it a monster

now now I sure wish I could find me someplace safe
a hiding place this beast can't find me
but just as soon as I lock every door
get to thinking how I'm safe at last
it's bound to be there right behind me


now now I've really no idea what it's after
just can't imagine why it picks on me
could be my soul it hopes to rend
it might just want to be my friend
but I don't much feel like waiting round to see
somebody help me

now there's been times I've stood my ground most bravely
I've slain this beast before but there's no use
ain't no difference if I win
this thing just comes right back again
doubt I'm gonna ever shake it loose


call it monster
call it monster
call it monster...