SHADOW DWELLER - by Ray O'Bannon

can you still recall the sunshine deep within your world of night
has too much darkness seeped into your soul
can you still form a trembling smile, or have the tears desolved your eyes
to leave this face so harsh and deathly cold

shadow dweller, time itself consumed, such grim decay
shadow dweller, fragile things the sunlight burns away

do you miss the sound of laughter, would you join them if you could
or has the silence drained away your voice
can you see what you've become, or does the mirror shun your image
would you change it if you had the choice


have you now long since forgotten all you wanted, all you've lost
or does it even seem to matter now
ohhh yeah, yeah, yeah

and when at last they seek you out and drag you from your sanctuary
curse the very ground on which you lie
cast your undead eyes upon them, grasp that stake above your heart
and drive it home befor their frightened eyes

fragile things the sunlight burns away
fragile things the sunlight burns away