ghost witch valley is legendary
for the anguished spirit said to dwell
within these woods, they say you'll hear her calling
she drifts across these moonlit fields
and calls the name of one she loved
when the leaves of autumn cold are dry and falling

they say she'll search forever more
when the winds of midnight scream through the darkness
and moonlight falls on ghost witch valley

the one she loved, he chose to journey
to distant lands in search of fortune
young and strong but he perished all the same
accused of witchcraft she was hung
from the highest tree in ghost witch valley
and with her final breath she cried his name


and there are those who swear they've seen
a second phantom, lost and lonely
he roams the night in torment and dispair
then fades away like a dying whisper
as she runs to join him far too late
and she stands alone in ghost witch valley

come walking through these haunted lands
can't you feel that strange unearthly chill
can you tell yourself this tragic past has perished?
or did you catch a fleeting glimpse
of a ghostly form as vague as memory?
was she calling to the one she'll always cherish?