can you recall how this began
and would you journey back if you knew how
what awfull hatefull things unknown
have turned your heart to bitter stone
and set you on this path you travel now

burning down an empty highway
slicing through an endless nightmare
fuel injected vengeance rollin'

what is this monster that you chase
what evil beast won't let you turn this page
if you should overtake these creatures
drive them trembling to their knees
could even that begin to ease your rage


no turning back and no tomorrow
they cut you bad but now you'll make them pay
no fleeting tears, no time for sorrow
they can run and they can hide but they ain't never never gettin' away


and if your foe should strike you down
and you lie lifeless, cold and still
will your dry bones rise from their grave
to snare the monster unsuspecting
grind it screaming 'neath your bloody wheels

vengeance rollin', vengeance rollin', vengeance rollin'...