BLACK CANDLES - by Ray O'Bannon

tell me now, what have you done
to see your darkest wishes granted
did you speak aloud the ancient rights
tell me now what have you summoned
chanting from those ancient scrolls
what foul and unclean things did you invite

fleeing the terror that screams in your mind
as you're lighting your black candles

did your witchboard, scratched and torn
spell out your fate as darkness fell
did it fortell the thing that haunts you now
gazing deep into your crystals
did you glimpse your bitter end
you smile but I see sweat upon your brow

shadows are rising with each word you're chanting
as daylight slips mockingly away
racing towards madness as night gathers 'round you
what dark and spectral beasts have come to play

frightfull things confront you now
and watch your every trembling move
is it your tattered soul they've come to claim
splintered visions fill your dreams
phantoms haunt your waking hours
banshees, ghostly shreeking, cry your name