IT'S ALIVE - by Ray O'Bannon

rather like the sun exploding every time you look my way
all of time and space imploding, never sure just what to say
isn't I that you need fear now, isn't you I wish to test
seems the monster's growing restless, showing signs of interest

gotta hold the monster back, chain the creature to the floor
unusual calculations, amazing abberations
gotta tie my monster down 'cause it's never done this before
and it's alive, and I think it likes you
it's alive
it's alive and I think it likes you

I hear you creeping closer, it's such an odd sensation
can't hold it back much longer, most awkward situation
don't know just what it's after, not sure what it might do
don't think I trust my monster if it gets too close to you


never meant to make a monster, now I fear it's much too late
offline, conflicting signals, more than I can calculate
kinda like to hang around you every time I see you smile
but the monster has other plans, wants to keep you for a while

it's alive, it's alive