TOMMY'S BLEEDING - by Ray O'Bannon

all the lovely children laughing in the playground
smiling bright, so filled with glee till johny came to play
but johny seemed a little odd, he wasn't like the rest of them
so they made johny cry until he finally ran away

and who could really blame him if he should go a little mad
all the other children simply pissed him off
now mikey screams in misery, jimmy's dead as he can be
suzy's hanging from a tree, johny's been a bad boy
tommy's bleeding, hear him cry, mary's pulse is much to high
franklin may have lost an eye, johny's been a bad boy

it isn't like he didn't try to be a good and proper lad
but when they laughed and called him names it broke his little heart
they stole his lunch and gave him wedgies, mocked him when he tried to win
they kept him feeling lonely till it tore his soul apart


all they really had to do was show a little understanding
now all johny wants is all their heads upon a stick
deep inside him johny knows he shouldn't hurt the other children
they don't really mean it and he shouldn't make them dead
but all those taunting voices, laughing at his every move
at times it nearly drowns out all the voices in his head