SHADOWTOWN - by Ray O'Bannon

can't you see the shapes in the moonlihgt
rising from the ground after midnight
always strange when time doesn't seem to fit
blink your eyes and all is changed
angels weep for lost souls they couldn't save
and all the folks 'round shadowtown
they glare through darkened windows bleak
another fool, just one more for the grave

rusty nails beneath your feet
as they watch your every move
dark laughter as the creatures gather 'round
but what if we should rise to meet them
sharpened stakes in every hand
lets have the last laugh
(time to slice this beast in half)
lets take the dark path to shadowtown

hollow footsteps ring behind you
'round you spin but no-one there
broken streetlamps flash but give no light
fog rolls in as terror grips you
voice of reason starts to scream
you'll not survive this cold and deadly night
don't douse the last light


running, shreeking, fear the darkness
cling to one last fleeting hope
that you'll still exist once this cruel nightmare's past
but deep inside you know it's hopeless
all the world's a shadowtown
and every tortured step could be your last


can't you see the shapes in the moonlight
rising from the ground after midnight