by Ray O'Bannon

a line of corpses
hooded, shuffling
gesture softly
on vampyre's night

paper thin, dry
drifting slowly
to take their places
among the stones

silent murmuring
shards of moonlight
upraised faces
whisper to the stars

taking form
from deepest shadow
It moves among them
on vampyre's night

and as It drinks
their forgotten dreams
faded and broken
though never lost
It promises much
to those who kneel
in supplication

That which waits
beyond the threshold
would not dispair
if time should end

night will fall
no matter our cursing
night will fall
no matter our pleas
gather the fragments
for all shall crumble
and night alone
shall bear witness

a shattered mirror
a whisp of starlight
a line of corpses
on vampyre's night