by Ray O'Bannon

Jimmy says he knows a trick
Raise a dead guy really quick
Raise a vampire, ain't it cool?
Maybe even raise a ghoul

All we need is this dead rat
Hidden in a paper sack
Pull it out and shake it 'round
Ewww, it's icky. Put it back.

Bring a potion to a boil
Dig into the fetid soil
Jimmy says it's working great
Choose a corpse to animate

All we'll need is in this box
Lift it open just a crack
Peek inside. See what it is?
Ewww, it's icky. Put it back.

Speak the words and sing the chant
A lock of hair, a poison plant
And now we feel like stupid jerks
cuz Jimmy's potion really works!

It screams and shrieks, it rises up
It's dressed in rags, it's eyes are black
We only meant to have some fun
But ewww... it's icky.
Put it back.