by Ray O'Bannon

Didn't mind 'em so much at first
but you get sick of anything
if you have to put up with it
long enough
damned space critters

probably shouldn't have done it
shootin' down their ship and all
but it scared the hell outta me
wakin' me up like that
didn't never mean to make 'em crash

didn't mind the survivors, neither
figured they could run around out there
in the fields
find what they needed
to survive

then they bust my power lines
and they bust up my car
stuck out here in the country
with this damn broken leg
but I've still got my gun

they ain't friendly
and they're mean as hell
but you shoot 'em and
they're dead as anything
tasty, too
if you fry 'em up right

been two weeks
leg's gettin' better
might be time
to make a run for it

sure hope I make it
back to town
get me some groceries
fries and a burger
wash it all down
with a bottle of scotch

'cause I'm so damn sick
of these space critters.