by Ray O'Bannon

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Ain't no question about it. The best things in life are the simple things.
Always have been, always will be.

Oh, I know that ain't what you kids wanna hear. You all wanna think your internet and your MP3s and all that stuff are where all the fun's at. But it's still the simple things that really matter... rivers, blue skies, things like that.

Ah now, stop all that fidgetin', I ain't gonna bend your ear all night about how everything used to be better and how nothin' today's as good. Heck, there's lots of things to like about the modern world and all. Them LOLcats, fer instance, I love them LOLcats. I'm just sayin' how sometimes the old ways are better, that's all.

Take that internet stuff... where's it all go when the power goes out? And say a fella ends up needin' help some dark rainy night, what if that fancy cell phone can't get no signal? Or what if somebody trusts that global positioning satellite crap and instead of the highway it leads them clear out here into the woods, like it did you?

Don't get me wrong, I ain't tryin' to poke fun at ya or nothin', I'm just tryin' to show ya how sometimes it's the simple ways that are best.

Like Christmas toys... you know how some kids always get fancy light-up robots and chemistry sets and such? Well, them batteries run down in a couple days and then that toy robot ain't no fun anymore. And them chemistry sets and all that highbrow educational stuff... I knew a kid once, melted off half his dumb face with one of them fancy chemistry sets.

All I ever got was simple toys, little wooden things... cars, boats, spinnin' tops and such. Still got most of 'em upstairs in a box. And those cars, they still roll. Tops still spin. You can count on them kinds of things 'cause they're simple things.

Like those ropes. You can tug and pull all you want, but them ropes ain't gonna give an inch. And this here ax... ain't nothin' gonna go wrong with an ax. You can depend on it because it's a simple thing. And it's them simple things that's best. Always has been, always will be.