by Ray O'Bannon

Oh gross
That was the trap, I caught a mouse
Maybe not, maybe it wasnít the trap
Maybe something just fell over
(it was the trap, you know it was)
It was probably the trap
I better go check
(Oh gross, I donít want to see it)
No big deal, Iíll just go throw it out
(Gross, I donít even want to look)
Nothing I canít handle

Snap on the kitchen lights, glance around
Cabinet doorís still closed
(but itís in there, you know it is)
Better wait and listen, be sure itís dead
(was that a scratching sound?)
Hereís a plastic bag to throw it into
(what if it isnít dead, what if itísÖ)
No sound, it must be dead

OK, here comes the tricky part
(Oh grossÖ)
No big deal, just need to focus
Just need to open the cabinet
(no, donít open it, I donít want to)
And focus on the trap
No need to look at the mouse
(Iím gonna puke)
Just focus on the trap
Just the trap

Swing open the cabinet door
There it is, the trapís upside down
(donít look at the mouse, just the trap)
Must have snapped really hard
(Donít think about that)
Just need to grab the trap
(focus on the trap)
And throw it away

Here we goÖ
(focus... focus...)
See the wood? Pretty wood
(donít look away from it)
Could carve a nice trinket
Maybe a keychain
(donít look away)
From such nice wood

Seems heavy
(donít think about that)
Just open the plastic bag
And throw it inside

And now close the bag
Open the garage door
And toss the bag
Into the trash bin
The nice big trash bin
With the nice tight lid

There we go
Nothing to worry about

Everythingís OK
Everythingís fine

I wonder whatís on TVÖ