Your new Monster collection begins with Count Yargle. He's not exactly the
elegant sophisticated sort of vampire. He's more like a large rodent, but he's
eager to be your pal. The fuzzy fellow in the middle is Hank, a woodsman who
inadvertently cut down an old gypsy's favorite shade tree. Her curse was that
he remain a Werewolf until the tree grew back, but the area's been paved to
build a parking lot, so Hank may not be changing back anytime soon. The charming
green creature on the right is Dr. Angela Squid, a genetic research engineer who
accidentally drank an untested serum while eating a tuna sandwich. The results
proved rather...interesting. But she's fun to have around.

So print out all three of these funky little monstrosities, and in no time at all
you'll have made some interesting new friends the quick and easy way...
by BUILDING them!

MONSTER SET ONE - Instructions

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