This here's a 1958 Plymouth Fury, her name's Maxine. She's in pretty
fair shape, runs real good... 'course folks say she's haunted by that
cranky old cuss that used to run bootleg whiskey all over the county.
Heck, some folks even say... well, you don't wanna worry 'bout none
of that, you just hop on in and take her for a spin, see whatcha think.

This model is about 8 inches long. Choose a glowing red interior, green
interior or dark windows. Then build the basic version (with just three
pieces) or the deluxe version (with eleven additional bumper pieces).

MAXINE (with red glow)
MAXINE (with green glow)
MAXINE (with black windows)
Maxine Assembly Instructions

To read the eerie legend of Maxine, click here.

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