My name's Ray, and I'm the lunatic who created the 'things'
you'll find here in RavensBlight. This all began with a humble
display of 12 paintings, but it gradually evolved into the strange
little ghost town that now awaits you. The Art Gallery includes
over 300 images for your viewing pleasure, and you'll find
lots of other interesting items here as well...

The free paper toys came from my desire to give my visitors
something more tangible than just the memory of having seen
a few paintings. It's taken a rather considerable amount of effort,
but the Toyshop has become RavensBlight's most popular attraction!

The Music Studio is where I share my latest musical
experimentations. Any hallucinations or nightmares
resulting from listening to these selections should prove
temporary, but see a doctor if levitation occurs.

When I found out there was software available for creating
computer games, I naturally had to give it a try! The result
was a series of little horror themed games, all of which you
can download in the Arcade. I think you'll enjoy them.

And in the Library you'll find several works of short
horror fiction, a few audio files (my own dark little
version of 'story time') and I think there may be a
ghost drifting around in there someplace...

If you have any questions or comments regarding
any of the material posted here at RavensBlight,
you can contact me at graaargh@aol.com
or visit me on Facebook by clicking here.

Here's a banner you can copy (if you wish) when linking to ravensblight.com...

You may choose the 500X62 banner or the 728X90 banner

... or if you prefer things a bit more 'personal', click the card below
to print out a set of eight cards to cut out and give to your friends.

Here are a few quotes that have shaped my very being:

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as judge
in the field of truth and knowlege
is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.
-Albert Einstein

The more you run over a dead cat,
the flatter it gets.

If not us then who?
(and John E. Lewis)

My bologna has a first name
but it won't TELL me what it IS!
-Happy Noodle Boy

And for all those who've given me praise
and encouragement since I began this thing...
I thank you from the very bottom
of my dark and stoney heart. :)