Here you'll find 11 complete albums of dark original
music to download and enjoy, completely free of charge.
The material ranges from drifty ambient to energetic rock,
so you're bound to find something you'll like. Listen to
the individual tracks or select RavenBlight Radio to hear
all of the albums in sequence!

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This time around, the focus is on the guitar.
More Voltage features 10 rock instrumentals,
recorded over a two year time period. You'll
find energetic beats and crunchy guitar tones
in a collection of tunes that feels more like
a dark little 'mix tape' than an album. Have
a listen and see if you don't agree...

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Although this album has no specific theme, the
selections all share that oddly dark vibe you've
probably come to expect. After all, I wouldn't
want to disappoint you (that could be dangerous,
I can tell by the look of you). So come share a
few potions and rhymes, contemplate strange
aeons and cruise the phantom interstate!

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This time let's throw all our favorite monsters
into the trunk and hit the road. Because every
journey includes a bit of risk, a bit of tension
and uncertainty. There's always that eerie feeling
of being a stranger, and sometimes it gets dark
much sooner than anticipated. These instrumentals
should go nicely with any road trip you might
choose to undertake, be it real or imaginary.

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These 12 instrumentals have something of a
70's pop rock style to them. But they also
share a certain dark undercurrent, for these
recordings were all inspired by my favorite
mythological creature... the vampire. So let's
drift through the shadows, chase a few
moonbeams, and perhaps even pay a call on
the vault hunter. Sinister fun for everyone!

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This album was inspired by all those great
low budget horror films they used to show at
the local drive in theater. Each of these 13
instrumentals has its own unique character
and groove, but they all share a certain
'grindhouse' sort of vibe. So grab some
snacks, a cool refreshing drink, carefully
adjust your speakers and enjoy.

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This album is intended to serve as a soundtrack for
whatever adventures your evening may hold. These
13 selections share a rather ambient nature, perfect
for creating a mood without demanding too much of
your attention. The music ranges from dark and
mysterious to bright and mischievous, with a constant
undercurrent of the supernatural, of something long since
hidden and forgetten, of something... locked away.

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The monsters are throwing a party and you're invited!
This album does something rather unusual for a dark-
themed SWINGS, baby! All sorts of musical
influences join forces here. You may be reminded of the
great Ray Charles one moment, Type O Negative the next,
then find yourself rocking to the sort of melody
Tom Jones does so well. Only one thing is certain...
you're gonna have FUN here!

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This time we'll be letting the instruments do the talking.
They're anxious to share their odd little stories with you,
and I think you'll have in interesting conversation.
This album includes 12 dark instrumentals, all with a jazzy
semi-ambient rock style that's sure to please. So grab
yourself a heaping spoonfull of Brother Cain's Miraculous
Dog Oil, throw on your Trenchcoat 'n Shades, and let's go
visit the Casket Man. Uneasy listening at it's finest!

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This album has a spooky sort of intensity all it's own.
As ominous as Dark Passage, yet similar to Midnight
Station in it's energetic approach, Shadow Dweller draws
on various modern musical influences such as electronica
and industrial to create it's own unique world of darkness.
There are also some lighter moments to break the tension,
but the general vibe remains consistently eerie throughout.

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This one's a rocker, folks. Midnight Station plunges
eagerly into the darkness with a stake and a smile.
Focused on classic horror themes, this album adds a
peppy rock style that brings lots of fresh energy to
those horrible rotting creatures we all know and love.
And we're introduced to a few newer nightmares along
the way. A musical experience intended to draw you
into a dark mystical world where spiders whisper,
the moon glows red, and even the ghosts are dancing.

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Dark Passage has a distinctly ambient feel to it,
with slow patient grooves that leave the listener
pleasantly uneasy at times. Various bits of dialog
add to the relentlessly creepy atmosphere of this
album, calling to mind visions of such classic
monsters as werewolves and vampires. Infused with
a jazzy sort of mellowness, Dark Passage provides
an unusual, but decidedly dark, listening experience.

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Click the images below to hear a few original
tunes played on a 3-string slide guitar.

Rain Song

All For Nothing

Cry With Me

Here's The Plan

Delta Blues

Click below to hear a few originals played
on a homemade one string diddley bow.

Magda's Revenge

Let The Kid Play

Crime Snuffers

And here are a couple of
original rock instrumentals...

The Hard Way

Shadow Dancer

All songs written and performed by Ray O'Bannon.
All material (c) 2018 by Ray O'Bannon, all rights reserved.